Christmas Tree sales will start on Thursday November 23rd  

Fiveways Fruit Farm have grown Christmas trees for over 25 years. It takes around 8 years and a lot of care from the time when we plant a transplant to produce a 6ft Christmas Tree. Three varieties of cut tree are sold at our Farm Shop. 
Nordman Fir 
This variety is the most popular as it holds onto its needles well. It is difficult to grow to a high standard and requires a lot of attention to detail to get a good tree.  
This means that it tends to be sold at a higher price level than a Norway Spruce. It’s growth habit tends to be quite wide at the base and to be less bushy on top. As a result taller trees need a fair bit of space 
Norway Spruce 
The traditional Christmas Tree. This variety gives off a lovely smell and as it is a relatively easy variety to grow making it a very good value tree.  
However needle retention is not very good and it is best placed where it will not dry out, in a cooler room, conservatory or porch for example.  
Alternatively if the you are locating it in a warm room bring it inside close to Christmas Day. 
Fraser Fir 
This variety is popular where space is restricted as it growth habit is narrow and bushy right to the top.  
It’s needle holding properties are good and it is a popular choice where space is limited. 
Tree Care 
Trees shed their needles because they dry out and varieties differ in their needle holding ability. Do not place a tree close to a radiator or a fire.  
We highly recommended using a tree stand with a water reservoir as the tree will take up water like a cut flower and replace the water lost through respiration.  
Cut a few centimetres off the stump of the tree and water within 2 hours, this will open up the wood cells again after gumming up and water uptake will increase. 
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